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I am not a financial planner. I am an educator, a strategist, and someone who lives by the principles and financial strategies I teach in the Financial Self-Defense Training. This innovative life coaching program uses the discipline and recognition of HapKiDo to teach financial techniques that motivates individuals to set and achieve strategic financial goals.


Building Strong Futures

I’m passionate about helping individuals achieve the rank of 1st Degree Financial Black Belt through the use of creative financial strategies. Whether working with companies to offer the Financial Self-Defense Training as part of their Employee Benefits Package or providing life coaching to individuals, my goals are the same. Help others maximize profits, enhance sustainability, and promote growth.


About Me


Ken Rupert is an author, an educator, a strategist, and someone who lives by the principles and strategies he teaches in his Financial Self-Defense Training course. He is a 2nd Degree Financial Black Belt and the owner and founder of the Financial Black Belt Academy. Ken holds a BA in Management from Hood College and is currently working as a Senior Network Engineer for a regional telecommunications company. He is a United States Army and Maryland National Guard veteran. When he is not studying the stock market, developing a new investment strategy, or researching his next investment, he enjoys practicing HapKiDo, playing golf, and going to the shooting range. 

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