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Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

With Host Robert Thibodeau

Episode 452 Part I February 20, 2019

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Is It OK For Christians To Be Wealthy

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Going North Podcast

With Host Dom Brightmon

Episode  123 February 25, 2019

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Podcast Passion w/erica Glessing

With Host Erica Glessing

Episode coming in July

Sustainable Success Radio Show

With Host Christopher Salem

Personal Finance Is A Contact Sport

Never Ever Give Up Hope

With Host Carol Graham

Stay Focused On The End Goal

Training Tips w/Ken Rupert

Financial Self-Defense Training: 

Pivot Point

Financial Self-Defense Training: 

Breaking Financial Barriers

Financial Self-Defense Training: 

Shifting Focus

The Sedated Man

With Host Michael R. Baker

Episode 61 May 4, 2019

That's Life w/John Carver

A Boy Named Daniel

Date June 24, 2019

Digital Savage Experience Podcast

An Interview with Roman Prokopchuk

Episode TBD Date TBD

The Author In You

TBD July 2019

Future Media

To Be Announced

Future Media

To Be Announced


The Plan & The Plan Supplement - Building Relationships God's Way

The Plan is a book packed with information that will improve your relationships and equip you to be an agent of restoration. The information contained within this book will change how you view those around you who are struggling with life's difficulties. It will open your eyes to see the needs of others in ways you never knew you could. Buy Here

The Plan Supplement provides you with the logistics of how to develop M.E.N.S. Network groups within your church or organization. 

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NEW RELEASE Financial Black Belt Academy's Financial Self-Defense Training Guide

The Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Training helps an individual accomplish that very basic requirement. Structured using the practices of martial arts training and the financial acumen necessary to build wealth, this program has changed the lives of many.  

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10 Aspects Of Finding Your Niche

When I was in my twenties, a colleague of mine said “eventually you will find your niche.” He was referring to that place where who you are aligns with what you do. For me, the journey has been a long and arduous road, filled with potholes, debris, and wrong turns. However, after years of studying and gathering information, I have learned that it is not about aligning who you are with what you do. It is actually quite the opposite. Finding your niche is about aligning what you do with who you are.

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Simple Wealth Building Strategies

What you do today will have a direct impact on where you end up tomorrow. In a world of uncertainty, having a strategy for building wealth is a necessity. Wealth is less about how much you earn and more to do with what you do with what you earn. It is behavior that is predictive of a person's ability to turn the average income into a lifetime of wealth.  

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Strategic Goals

Personal success doesn't just happen. This book guides you through the process of developing a strategic plan that allows you to succeed. These principles are tried and true. You will learn how to create a consistent structure to your success by using the model for strategic goals outlined in this book.  

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10 Ways to Improve Your Retirement Planning

 In today economy, there are a number of pressure points that squeeze the life out of retirement savings. Although it is a difficult task to manage the external pressures, we can begin to learn and practice behaviors that ultimately position us to win from a financial perspective. Ten ways to improve your retirement planning is focused on providing you with practical behaviors that impact the planning process. 

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