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What's Your Why? How the Financial Black Belt Academy can help individuals build wealth.

Financial Self-Defense Training

Personal Financial Wellness Program

 The Financial Black Belt program is a Personal Financial Self-Defense strategy that applies the structure and discipline of martial arts training to the financial literacy and behaviors needed for one to become a millionaire. Financial Self-Defense Training gives you a life-long strategy for building wealth. This innovative financial wellness program provides basic and advanced financial training, teaches you how to prioritize life to build wealth, and is a proven process that results in positive financial behaviors. 


The Financial Black Belt Academy's Financial Self-Defense Program is a proven strategic financial management program that incorporates the instructional practices, discipline, and belt structure of HapKiDo and the basic and advanced financial practices of personal finance. HapKiDo means the art of coordinated power. More specifically defined, "Hap" means together, or the harmony of body and spirit, "Ki" means life and body energy, "Do" means the way of life. It is by no accident that HapKiDo is the model for this training program. For the financial concepts and strategies taught in this book are powerful and work together to become a way of life for those who master the skills.

This innovative financial wellness program provides the knowledge necessary to be financially successful, provides the strategic path upon which knowledge can be applied, and provides the predictive actions required to achieve the strategic goals set forth in the program. Those who internalize the lessons taught here will gain competency in financial matters, have a broader understanding about economic drivers, have a written strategic goal for life, make better financial decisions and will be better positioned to build wealth.

The Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Program was developed over 25 years using strategic planning skills and life-tested financial literacy. Each belt level has been meticulously designed to create a logical and progressive path upon which one can achieve Financial Black Belt status. The financial milestones are proven to be the necessary stepping stones to financial wellness and independence. The success of the Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Program is found in its practical approach that rewards achievement. Just as HapKiDo awards belts for demonstrating proficiency in course curriculum, the Financial Black Belt’s Financial Self-Defense Program recognizes achievement by awarding belts.