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What's Your Why? How the Financial Black Belt Academy can help small businesses.

Helping Business Owners Help Their People

B2B Financial Wellness Program

If you are a small business owner, you know the cost of reduced productivity, absenteeism, and employee disengagement. Unfortunately, today's work force face the financial stress of student loan debt, the rising cost of healthcare, and even the pressing reality that social security will not be around for their retirement. Our program helps small business owners meet the needs of their employees to become financially stable so the employees can meet the needs of the customer. This video talks about how the program founder overcomes the real financial burdens of raising a special needs child to achieve financial stability.

This innovative financial wellness program provides the knowledge necessary to be financially successful, provides the strategic path upon which knowledge can be applied, and provides the predictive actions required to achieve the strategic goals set forth in the program.  

Our innovative belt system has been meticulously designed to create a logical and progressive path upon which one can achieve the rank of 1st Degree Financial Black Belt where financial stability is realized. The financial milestones associated with the belt structure are proven to be the necessary stepping stones to financial wellness and independence.